Prime Editing: A Powerful Innovation on the Forefront of Genome Editing

DNA and RNA: What Are They?

A diagram that shows all the components of our DNA
  • A + T
  • C + G
A visual representation of what a mutation looks like
Differences between RNA and DNA

What is Prime Editing: Let’s Learn The Basics

Process of how the key components of CRISPR 2.0 come together to make Prime Editing successful

The Difference Between CRISPR 1.0 and CRISPR 2.0: How is Prime Editing an Evolved Version of Base Editing

A Groundbreaking Discovery: Why is Prime Editing So Significant?

The Future of Prime Editing: What’s Next?

Key Takeaways

  • Prime Editing is able to edit our DNA as easily as we can “Ctrl + H” on Microsoft Word to limit diseases that are genetic-based!
  • Prime Editing works by using the Cas9 nickase enzyme and a reverse transcriptase enzyme combined together to target our DNA using a gRNA. A mismatch will initially be created, but the CRISPR 2.0 technology helps that issue by nicking the non-target strand to replace it — which will complete the edit.
  • Prime Editing is an evolved version of Base Editing and has the potential to change the way we tackle genetic diseases!

Final Note




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